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Diamond’s Princesses Outreach Program was implemented to help girls in their transition from a Princess to a Queen.  This program is designed to aspire, empower, educate, enrich and promote a positive self image in the lives of our youth.


Feeding the homeless and assisting them with becoming productive members of society again. Diamond’s House, Inc. provides meals, referrals to local resources such as health clinics, mental health, drug treatment, social services and employment agencies.


Diamond’s House Inc delivers meals to the elderly shut in. Diamond’s House, Inc. visiting volunteer program pairs volunteers and elderly with like personalities with a goal of forming a lasting, genuine relationship. It is our hope to form friendships that may take on different forms such as the sharing of a meal, good conversation, or attendance at social activities.


Diamond’s House, Inc. connects victims of domestic violence with local resources who assist in the areas of counseling, medical care, social services and legal advocacy. We provide short-term emergency shelter and clothing for abuse victims while we assist in connecting you with resources with the ability to provide longer-term secure options.

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  1. Vickie Slater-Cammel Says:

    I represent Western Branch Baptist Church in Portsmouth, VA. We currently have a program that feeds the community on Wednesdays from 5-8 PM. We also have a free store open on that night and as needed. Extra food is taken into the community and given out at local hotels and other places people tend to congregate. The weakness we have found in the process is in regards to resources. We are trying to put together a resource chart that will allow us to direct people to the correct agency or program to meet their needs. If you could provide us with some information regarding what you supply in that area, we would be very appreciative. Thank you for your time.


    Vickie Slater-Cammel, MSW


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